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Spring Equinox

When March begins it’s still winter and by the end of the month spring has emerged in the Spring Equinox. Hence the old proverb, ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.’ However this year, March has come in more like a snarling snow leopard, we have yet to see how it will go out!

But whatever the weather, March will inevitably bring the spring equinox, days and nights of equal length.

Unlike other pagan holidays Ostara’s roots are not immersed in the Celtic traditions, but rather in Anglo-Saxon beliefs. It is derived from the fertility goddess Eostre, Germanic for the east. A goddess depicted as a young woman surrounded by light, budding trees and flowers. Symbolically her connection is with the dawn and the coming of the light. The goddess manifests as Ostara with her basket of eggs accompanied by the Hare or Rabbit, a manifestation of the God. The colour green is sacred to this Sabat and represents the coming renewal of vegetation and new life. This is the festival of new growth, when the goddess awakens the earth with fertility. There is nothing more wonderful, exciting and refreshing to the senses than the first promise of spring. Don’t we just all know when spring is in the air?

Ostara marks new beginnings and is symbolised by anything that represents fertility, eggs, seeds and bulbs etc. But it’s not just about physical planting in our gardens, it’s also metaphysical, by performing our own little rituals to start new projects or desires, including life changes, drawing in new love or pregnancy. After all it’s the rite for fire and fertility, the return of the Sun God and the fertility of the Earth Goddess, here they are reunited after the winter’s separation, this in itself a romantic celebration of their perfect union.

So this year from Tuesday March 20th 2018 we will mark the vernal equinox and depending on your traditions there are many different and lovely ways of celebrating it. In the Christian tradition, eggs are exchanged and these days I’ve noticed a trend towards Easter egg trees in the home. Painted branches adorned with colourful eggs. Wiccans and Pagans will be embracing the symbols by decorating their altars with all the colours that represent this time of year. Just look outside to see the yellow of the  daffodils, the green of the new leaves, lovely shades of purple of newly opened lilacs. So let’s get bright and colourful. You don’t have to be a practising Wiccan or Pagan to do this, it’s just a beautiful way to celebrate with nature and give thanks for all that we have and are likely to receive throughout the coming year.

Anyone can celebrate in this way by making an altar draped with pale green cloth. Add some purple flowers. Ostara is the time for balance between light and dark, so you can use any of these symbols, a God and Goddess statue, a white candle and a black one, a yin yang symbol or a sun and moon if you have one. You could also add a potted plant or seedlings, a basket of eggs, they could be plain or you could paint and decorate them in vibrant colours and even draw manifesting symbols on them. It is also something that children love to get involved with, teaching them about the turning of the cycles of the seasons, nature and Mother Earth. You can also add little figurines like rabbits, chicks and lambs, they are all bringing forth new life. It’s also a tradition to place a little milk and honey on the altar to symbolise abundance and it’s always a good gesture of thanks to make these an offering to the Earth and maybe you would like to say a prayer as you do this. You could say your own offering prayer or say something like this…

I make this offering of milk and honey to the Earth in gratitude for the many blessings that we have received and those that we shall receive in the coming year.

So as the Goddess drapes herself across the land and the Sun God returns to warm the fertile Earth ready for the seeds of new growth to be sown, I wish for you all to reap well this coming year, may your hearths, larders, health, desires and hearts be full of all that feeds and nurtures you and yours, in mind, body and soul. But never forget to be thankful and practice gratitude often, it’s the key to continuous abundance flowing towards you. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others, remember that what we sow comes back to us threefold…

In love, peace and blessings

Dana X

Max & Mitch

We were very happy to welcome Max & Mitch along to our holistic shop in Radlett for a psychic reading.  Everything is covered in their brilliant podcast. Max is abit sceptical about the world of psychic readings so what will he find out?  He is going to experience a tarot reading,  a psychic experience and a reiki treatment.

When you listen to the readings you can get a real feel for how our psychic readings work and what you can get out of them.  Whether you come into the shop or use on of our experienced online psychic readers.

You can also listen to Dana telling you all about Destiny Rising and the history of the store.

Why not take the time to listen to the podcast, find out more about us and maybe have a laugh too!

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Black Tourmaline

I am very partial to the energies of black tourmaline. At my shop Destiny Rising it’s our go to crystal for dispelling and deflecting negative energies and entities. Guarding against radiation and environmental smog. It’s great at neutralising our own negative thoughts, helping  to turn them into positive useful ones, plus sending anyone else’s negative thoughts packing!

Tourmaline is electrical by nature and can become electrically charged by rubbing or heating it. When charged in this way one end becomes positive and the other end negative, causing it to attract or repel, you can test this by experimenting with pieces of small paper or ash. This practice was well known to the Dutch tradesmen of the 1700s they used to pull ash from their clay Meerschaum tobacco pipes, they named the crystal  Aschentrekker, or ash puller.

Black tourmaline is an empowering crystal for those who live with any challenging situations, it can help to install a sense of power and self-confidence. It’s a powerful grounding stone. It also aligns the energy centres of the body and passes healing light throughout the entire body to provide a wonderful connection between earth and spirit. It can help soothe panic attacks and anxiety.  Wear this crystal when visiting hospitals, antique shops, in crowded places, when visiting people who are unwell or usually zap you energy, or anywhere where  the energy is likely to be heavy from years of illness, death, sadness or stagnancy. Use it at work when you need concentration and protection from computers and mobile phones or overbearing people.

I was doing some research on Infrared heated healing mats recently and discovered that they not only contain amethyst, but tourmaline as well. So I’m exceptionally pleased about that and not at all surprised, for all the very good reasons I have explained to you. I’ll certainly be purchasing one of those mats in the not too distant future.

It’s definitely one of our favourite crystals at Destiny Rising. I wear a piece constantly as do my staff,  readers and teachers at the shop. And if I’m not wearing it as a pendant,  it’s in my pocket. I also keep a large piece by my front door to keep the entrance of my home clear of any negative energy trying to enter. And if all of that is not enough  it’s a great help for motion sickness too.

Ancient magicians loved it and although I’m not quite ancient yet ( well not on a good day!) I love it too!

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chi kung

My name is Nicky i am a Chi Kung teacher and Shiatsu practitioner. I live in Hertfordshire with my handsome builder husband and two fun filled sons.

I love Chi Kung (Qigong).

During my nursing career in London i was stressed, tired and suffering with lung complaints so when i saw a small simple poster pinned to a telegraph pole advertising Tai chi i thought i would try it out. I arrived at a small village hall in North London stood in a grid of people and we started to move VERY slowly. It drove me
crazy! I was uncoordinated, confused, distracted and quite frankly bored! However life had set me up well to continue this new pursuit because at the front of the class stood a very gorgeous, strong, pert bottomed instructor. My tai chi journey had begun!

After 6 months of basically turning up and staring at the handsome teacher my health was on the turn around. I was calm, inspired, healthy and taking no lung medication. Now my interest in the actual energy work started and i haven’t looked back. I trained, i studied and then i trained some more.

I fell deeply in love with chi Kung, its poetic ability to unravel a person and knit them back together stronger expressing their true selves. It was pure magic to me. Chi Kung is as old as the hills themselves. Graceful moving forms, static postures, moving meditations all connect the participant to the rhythms of nature, the natural health that breathes in the soil and earth itself. Connecting us to the flight of an eagle and the power of a dragon. Discovering the change of seasons within our own bodies and energy patterns.

I know this will be my life’s work this time around, and maybe the next! I simply can’t stop my love affair with this healing art form. I love the way that you become lost in the movement and breath, letting go into grace as life flows through you.  At first it can be clumsy and clunky learning what to do, learning how to stand, learning when to breathe, when to sink, what shape to make, where to put your intention. But when all that work is in the bag you can let go into an endless flow, an ease of movement that can only be described as grace moving into form. Your spirit inhabits your body fully and shows itself.

Chi kung has the ability to save you, guide you and allow you to live to your potential as a human being.This is why i am a Chi Kung teacher and student. It allows my soul to be here in the every day.

What a great job! best wishes Nicky Wallace
To find a class, workshop or retreat look at:

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In the still dark moments of the early dawn
There lay an angel upon my garden lawn
In the stillness of the break of day
She said that she had lost her way
It was because that night I couldn’t sleep
I had gone into the garden I love to keep
Beauty and peace filled with all my happy shrubs
Fruits growing on a patio filled with tubs
She said “I’m on a mission sent from Heaven
To find the perfect garden and those at number seven
There  is no number on your gate
And next door says number eight”
I said “I know who lives in that house
A miserable old man and his disabled spouse
Their garden is filled with weeds”
The angel said “they need my loving seeds
She gave me a packet and said “Its angel dust”
We went to number seven the door covered in rust
Together we sprinkled seeds around far and wide
And like magic we were both inside
The gentle angel flew around their bed
Sprinkling angel dust around each head
I am sure I saw the old man smile
Even if it was for just a while
Back in my garden we said our goodbye’s
As I gazed into the angels eyes
The sun had come up it was the break of day
I waved her goodbye as she flew away
Last week I saw the people from number seven
She was walking..He was smiling..A gift from Heaven
“We love your garden” the old man said
“This is my wife..first time she has been out of bed”
“Our garden is such a mess
As life for us has been full of stress”
I said “I love to garden and when the weathers fine
Would you like me to help you? I have the time”
I often wonder if she really lost her way
The lovely angel I met that day
But I have no doubt that she was sent from Heaven
So I could help those folks at number seven
Written by Pattie Greenberg….member of JASH and the JPS

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guardian angel

I love the Angels, they are always on my side doing what they can to help not only me but you too.
No matter what your belief is, or where you live in the world, they are there by your side 24 hours every day.
Bless them.. They love us unconditionally…No matter what we do, where we go our angels are alongside every step of the way.

The unseen army…their weapons are unconditional love.
They try so hard to catch your attention.
Sometimes throwing symbolic bricks at you to stop you in your tracks.
You know…when you are doing too much, or worrying, stressed, eating, and drinking all the yummy…but not helpful foods that are not good for you.
Taking risks with your health, doing things you definitely know are harmful.
The Angels are talking to you through your intuition, warning you.
Believe me…they really try hard to get you to listen.

Think on this.. the earth has evolved, with Mother Nature providing for all of us.
Water, seeds, food, etc.
Alongside are the angelic ones, who help us in other ways.
Yes.. It is hard to believe in something that you cannot see.
Yet there are so many things in life that you cannot see, yet take for granted
that they are there.

Please try to give some time and thought in how you can connect to your guardian angel so that they can help you.
I have…
After all…mine has taken the trouble to nag me to write to you, on behalf of all the angels who try so hard to make contact with their human friends.
And we can never have enough loving friends, especially angelic ones who look after our well being.

Angels are pure light, energy, sometimes you may catch a fleeting glance of a small blue, or white light. That’s your angel saying “hello.”
Finding a white feather, hearing a special song when you feel sad, your favourite numbers seem to appear time and time again.
A friend or relative may ring to say they have been thinking about you.
Each one of us have something meaningful that catches our attention.
Tell your angel what yours is..then be on the lookout for your personal confirmation that the angels are listening.

Also you can make a spiritual appointment with the angels.
Maybe you need to ask them about something very important, or help with healing.
In this way they have time to come to you collectively.

You can do the same thing to cleanse your home of any negativity.
Make the appointment, on a certain day and time, they will help you clear out negative
or stale thought patterns.

Open all doors cupboards… Either chime, ring a bell, hold a candle, smudge a sage stick, there are various ways..keep it simple.
Around all the ceilings and also around each room, open spaces, cupboards etc..
Asking that all negativity be sent to the universe to be transmitted into a positive light.
Don’t forget to say “thank you.”

Some people are blessed and able to see their angelic friend and guardian.
I am fortunate in being able to paint an impression of their likeness, as have many inspired artists throughout the centuries.

Many of us race through life, unaware, not listening or paying attention to the positive and protective guidance our guardian angels give us.
All of it is for the better, and costs you nothing but your time to listen.

Next time you need a parking space…ask the angels…and be positive you will find one.

“Dear parking angel so full of grace please can help me to find a space.”
Don’t forget to say “thank you.”


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house blessing

House blessings are as old as the hills, an ancient tradition used all over the world to invite positive energy into your home.

In Buddhism, a ceremony known as Khan Ban Mai is performed when a new house is built to protect the house and all that dwell there, the house blessing ceremony is traditionally performed by a group of nine monks, who must be invited to the house early on the morning of the ceremony. The ritual they perform consists of sacred lustral water and wax candles. As the wax melts and drops into the water, it is believed to wash away evil and sorrow. The monks also chant prayers to protect the house and it’s inhabitants.

An Islamic blessing. Muslim people conduct  a house blessing mainly by reading prayers. There is usually no official ceremony that needs to be performed, but certain prayers and traditions are recommended.

A Hindu house blessing varies greatly according to different regions. However, across all regions the house blessing is performed on the morning that the new owners move in. A Hindu priest performs the ceremony. On the day (in some regions) the homeowners supply a tray of gifts, such as mango leaves, raw washed rice, ghee, coins, fruit, flowers and spices. This gift tray is called Dakshina. During the ceremony the house owners will sit in their best clothes in front of the fireplace and recite mantras. The priest will usually recite a prosperity prayer to the Hindu gods, asking for prosperity and serenity to be bestowed upon the house and all who reside there.

There are many Jewish traditions when moving into a new house. Jewish families are required to fix a mezuzah to each doorway of the home, inside the mezuzah there are Hebrew phrases from the Torah (Bible) As the mezuzah is installed a prayer is recited. It is also believed that a Tuesday is the best day for moving into a new home and that bread and salt should be the first items to enter the house. Sometimes a Chanukat Habayit, or housewarming party is held, where friends and family gather and words from the Torah are spoken.

The blessing of a Christian household is an old tradition found in Protestant, orthodox and Roman catholic churches amongst others. The blessing may be performed by an ordained priest or pastor. Normally the priest will walk from room to room sprinkling each with holy water and may recite some passages from the holy Gospel.

The Native American house blessing is very much associated with the use of sacred smoke dried plants, the calling of spirits and chant. Very much as I have described in my previous smudging blog, but of course you could research this further and include the further use of the four directions etc.

One of the greatest things I feel about practising the old pagan ways or Wiccan is that it empowers its practitioners to bestow blessings upon others, themselves and their surroundings. Just as a priest or minister will say a prayer on behalf of another in order to bring about a sense of well-being and peace. Witches and pagans can do much the same. They are practised at tapping into divine energy and directing its positive influence to the home, family or friends. When clearing and blessing a space they will make use of many things, Sage, Herbs, incense, water, drums, bells or singing bowls. A broom for sweeping negative energy away, empowered candles and salt. A ritual and the words of a blessing upon the home and those that live there will take place, often in every room as well as the outside spaces to usher in peace, harmony, health and prosperity, love and protection, sometimes a God, Goddess or divine spirit will be called upon to invoke that particular energy to the space.

house blessing

My house blessing

I suppose you could say that I have adapted different traditions to achieve what feels right for me and you can too, there is no wrong way or right way, it’s all about the intention. It’s definitely what allows you to feel satisfied that you have created an energetically positive space for you, your family and pets to dwell in, a space that embodies your love and greatest intention for all that is happy, healthy, and good. I like to think that the heart of my home resonates with my heart. I think that I have already mentioned this on my smudging blog, but just to remind you… The first part of blessing any place be it the home, office, therapy room, or even your garage, is to physically clean it. Anybody who knows even a little about feng shui will tell you that clutter and mess are very disruptive to the flow of energy in your home. In addition to blocking the flow of positive energy in your environment, clutter actually adds negativity to your space. So after you have de-cluttered cleansed and smudged your space, you will need :-

A small tray or plate.
A white votive candle or Tealight (fire element)
A little bowl or egg cup of salt or earth (earth element)
An incense stick, frankincense is good but anything will do (air element)
A little bowl or egg cup of water (water element)
A few flowers or petals in the water to encompass the spirit of nature.

Now you can choose to do this on your own, or you can gather the family together and ask them to choose a poem or a passage each, that they would like to recite that carries a positive or loving message, or you could invite like-minded friends over to have a housewarming ceremony. This could be performed for a new home, or to change the energy where you are already living, to refresh the energy, to lift the vibration because there has been divorce, illness, sadness, feeling blocked or just lacking spiritual lustre . This is what I mean about working with this in your own way.
I always make a house blessing in the spring, along with a good spring clean, why not get your home energetically clean too!

You could play some gentle music in the background or work in silence. Once you have assembled the elements of earth, air, fire and water on your tray and anything else you would like to add to the tray that might be meaningful to you, you’re ready to begin.
I would always say my blessing prayer as I light the white candle, but of course write your own if you wish to or adapt mine, you may well have an Angel, God, Goddess, Deity, or another energy that you wish to invoke, it could be more than one or two, it’s entirely up to you. Some people also like to call in there ancestors. The reason that I like to symbolise the four elements on my tray is that the universe was formed by the four elements, for each contain their own unique properties, which works simultaneously to create one United universe. The Earth, stable and reliable, constantly working and moving. Air is constantly in motion, even though you can’t see it. Fire, provides heat and light but it cannot exist on its own. Water, constantly flowing, cleansing and moving the energy around it. So bringing these elements into the home I feel are symbolic of connecting with the natural world and all that is.

There are many house blessing prayers, this is the one that feels right for me, but as I said earlier research others, or write one that resonates for you.

As I light the candle I say…
“I call upon the Divine spirit, celestial realms and my ancestors. Please be present here as the guardians of this home. In lighting this candle I summon love, health, happiness, harmony, peace, positivity, success and abundance. I ask that this space be a sacred home for us, our children, and our pets. May those that visit our home feel the love and peace that reside here. I ask that this home be shielded from any negative energy entering this space. Thank you for bringing your divine light, energy and love into our hearts and our home in it’s entirety. I release this prayer to the universe with love, faith and gratitude

I then walk into every room with my tray, blessing every room with a few more words that feel appropriate. I often touch the walls when I do this to really add my energy and love to my home. I am effectively imbuing the bricks and mortar with my energy and intentions.

You will feel an enormous difference in your home if you keep it cleansed by smudging it regularly and blessing it. When people come to my home, I often receive lovely comments about how peaceful, comfortable and restful it feels. And the same is true of my shop.

Crystal Salt Lamps and crystals (see my blog on Salt Lamps) will also help to keep your home free from emf’s (electro magnetic field or force) Likewise using an essential oil diffuser is a great way to create a natural relaxing atmosphere with many health benefits depending on what oils you choose.

I hope that you will enjoy the ritual of blessing your home, please make sure that you do the cleansing and smudging ritual beforehand, as the two go hand in hand.
I am sure that you and your family and not forgetting your pets, will benefit greatly and you will experience how powerful these practises can be and the positive affects that can be brought about. You will be taking control of your space, instead of whatever old energy is hanging around in it from years gone by. Charging it with your love, attention and intension can work wonders!

In Joy!
Dana x

If you are sharing this blog, please be mindful to share the message in its entirety
2017 Dana Morgan/Destiny Rising. All right reserved

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We are very happy to announce that on Friday 7th July we have an Iriologist coming to Destiny Rising to give readings. Come and find out about your health and character analysis. It’s so very interesting.

Eyes have long been referred to as the “Windows of the Soul.” But few people are aware of just how true this observation is. Accurate analysis of iris structure and pigmentation provides information about you or your clients that is hard to find through other methods. This information is so valuable that Iridology deserves to become a widely practiced assessment tool in both the physical and psychological health fields. There are a multitude of factors that influence our health and personality, and many of these factors are reflected in the iris. Look closely at your eyes in a mirror, and then at the irises of those around you. You will see many different patterns of iris fibers and colors. Like fingerprints or faces, no two are exactly alike, and neither are we! The iris structure is so unique; it is now being used for security identification at ATM machines and airports. Microsoft’s house of the future will use an eye scanner to identify residents and unlock the door.

What is an Iriologist?

Iridology is based on the scientific study of the iris – the colored part of the eye. Like markings on a map, the iris reveals physiological conditions, psychological health risks, challenges and/or strengths of various organs and personality traits.

Through iridology we can get an understanding of your past, present, and potential future health conditions by assessing the various body systems. Your inherited tendencies compounded by toxic accumulations in various parts of your body are also revealed.

The Science of Iridology is based on the analogy of one of the most complicated tissue structures of the whole body – the iris.

It is a method whereby the doctor or health practitioner can tell, from markings or signs in the iris, the reflex condition of various organs and systems of the body. These markings represent a detailed picture of the integrity of the body; it’s constitutional potentials, areas of congestion or toxic accumulations and inherent challenges and gifts.

The four principles that form the cornerstones of iridology are:
– The condition of the nerves
– The condition of the blood and lymph system
– Adequate circulation
– Nutrition – rest quality, breathing – state of mind.

Call us at the shop to book your appointment 01923 852522

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himalayan salt lamp

I have never really paid much attention to reality stars, so if anyone had mentioned Kim Kardashian to me a year ago, I wouldn’t have known who on earth she was! Until that is last Christmas…

Our shop phone was like a hot line, people calling and asking if we stocked Himalayan Salt Lamps, at least 20 calls a day, we were inundated. We have always sold them for the last 20 years, but steadily, so this was a bit of a revelation since new age shops are rarely caught up with trends and fads.

I continually asked these callers why the sudden interest and nobody could tell me, just that they had heard about the benefits and it was all over face book and social media.

Finally one of my customers had watched an episode of The Kardashians whereby Kim had evidently filled every room in her house with Himalayan Salt Lamps to provide them with the good energy and healing benefits that they can bring about.

While I have little or no interest in TV and celebrity; I have to thank Kim Kardashian for alerting the general public to the wonderful qualities of these ancient Himalayan Salt Lamps.

And of course it was very nice to make some sales at this level, but I do especially love it when something that is so helpful to our lives makes its way into the mainstream, bringing it into mass awareness like this.
So let me explain more about these Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps. They are said to create anions (negatively charged ions) in the air. Since pollution and the use of electrical equipment create potentially harmful positively charged ions (cations) in the air and cause air quality to deteriorate, using a salt lamp helps to counter the cations. This natural ionisation helps avoid the physical and mental harm created by the electrical smog around us.

Himalayan Salt Lamps can be used either with electric bulbs or candles depending on the model, both emitting a soft, golden light that lends visual appeal to a room. Not only do they look good, they also function as natural air cleansers. Heat from the bulb or candle make the crystal Salt emit negatively charged ions, which enter the air and neutralise the positively charged ions created by pollution and electrical appliances, wifi, TV’s and phones etc. The neutralised ions become heavy and fall to the ground.

These Lamps are made of natural crystal Salt from underground mines in the Himalayas. The crystal Salt is millions of years old and has a high mineral content as well as unique properties. The cleansing properties of these Lamps are said to help combat illnesses like allergies and asthma. Other sources of anions are waterfalls and the sea; these produce up to 10,000 anions per cubic metre compared to just 100 anions per cubic metre being produced in a city at rush hour time. So is it any wonder then why we all feel exhilarated and refreshed when we are near the ocean or by rushing water.

In this day and age full of electrical smog and pollution, isn’t it wonderful that nature has provided us with such treasures from the earth to help us overcome what is becoming a world full of overload to the body, mind and senses.

My house, just like Kim Kardashians is full of these magical crystal lamps and the continued feedback from my customers only mimics the benefits that I have explained here.
With love and crystal lamp light…
Dana x

For more about crystal energy please see my ‘crystals’ blog.

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The word Reiki (loosely defined) means free passage of universal life (force) energy. Reiki is a Japanese word, but is represented by characters from the Chinese character system. The word Reiki, pronounced ‘ray-key’ in Japanese, and pronounced ‘Leaki’ in Chinese, originated in Tibet.

The syllable ‘rei’ in Japanese means spirit, ghost and soul. In Chinese, the syllable ‘lei’ means subtle influences, the force, ethereal, supernatural power. ‘Rei’ can in interpreted ‘free passage’,

The syllable ‘ki” means life force energy (as in akido). In Chinese, life force energy is called ‘chi’ , in India, ‘Prana’. there are many names for life force energy, each culture seems to have its own.

A Brief History of Reiki

Reiki originated from the words ‘raku-kei’, which is the art and science of spiritual self improvement. Reiki came originally from ancient Tibet thousands of years ago.

The Reiki calligraphy, in Sanskrit was used in meditation in Tibetan monasteries and was the centre focus in their practises toward enlightenment by Tibetan holy men.

A Tibetan Lama would sit on a four legged wooden stool in the centre of an oval earthenware container that represented the etheric egg filled with three inches of water. The stool was made of wood with silver inlay which ran up a channel in each of the stools legs, which connected with a silver plate inlay upon the stools seat. On the silver plate, inlayed with amethyst and rubies, was the master frequency symbol. In front of the stool was a mirror of polished copper. Behind the stool hung a tapestry containing the Lama’s prayer and the Reiki symbols. The symbols were reflected in the copper wall and meditated upon by the lama as he sat on the stool. The Tibetan Lama concentrated on the Reiki symbols to implant them deep into his subconscious, thereby purifying the mind/body, raising his consciousness and increasing awareness.

What is now called Reiki, was re-discovered in the 1870’s by Dr. Mikao Usui. As the story goes, Dr Usui, the president of a small Christian University in Japan, was asked by his students “how did Christ heal?” This question lead Dr. Usui to resign from his university position and begin a ten year search for the answer. His quest lead him to many parts of the world to study in many different languages and finally to original Sanskrit Buddhist sutras where he found ancient symbols that he believed to be the formula to healing.

At this point Dr. Usui felt that he had the keys to healing, but did not know how to awaken his healing power. He decided to go to a mountain for 21 days, to seek the power to heal. On the final day he saw a beam of light rushing towards him. The light struck him in the middle of his forehead and at that moment he saw the Reiki symbols and felt them enter his mind and memory.

Dr. Usui spent the rest of his life sharing Reiki. Before his death, Dr. Usui passed the keys over to his closest friend, Dr. Chijiro Hayashi, who ran a Reiki clinic in the early 1900’s in Japan

Reiki as brought to Hawaii by Mrs. Hawayo Takata, who was born on the island of Hawaii in 1900 and lived on the islands until 1970. In her mid thirties, Mrs. Takata became widowed and very ill and travelled to Japan to seek treatment. While she was guided to Dr. Hayashi’s clinic and healed with reiki. She then studied Reiki for a year in Japan and later was made a Reiki Master (one who can fine tune or empower others with Reiki energy). Mrs Takata spent the rest of her life sharing Reiki and in 1970 moved to California and began to train other Masters.

How does Reiki work?

When you are attuned to Reiki energy, your channels are opened to universal life energy. Reiki atonements are much like tuning into a desired radio station. the atonements you receive tune you into Reiki energy so that you can channel in for yourself or others at any time, for the rest of your life.

All of us have universal energy, essential for health and life and all of us have some amount of healing energy coming from our hands. During the Reiki attunement process, the Reiki symbols are used to permanently restructure aspects of your energy bodies.

Allow you access to a reservoir of Reiki energy set up by Reiki masters of the past. Increase the flow of life force energy through your energy body for the benefit of yourself and others. Access a consciousness factor that connects to the symbols. Implants the symbols for the rest of your life.

Reiki energy and the bodies you treat have an intelligence of their own. You cannot will Reiki energy to go to a certain place or treat a certain ailment. It is best to trust in the innate intelligence of the energy and the receiver and merely act as a channel, staying neutral and out of the way.

Reiki is a beautiful healing practise that works for oneself, other people, animals, plants, even food and water can have the benefit of Reiki healing using hands techniques or absently.

If you happen to live near Destiny Rising, our Reiki Master, Jo, teaches regularly at the shop. Please call if you would like details 01923 852522. We are open 7 days a week from 10am – 5pm.

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