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There are so many reasons why we do not always sleep well. Either we have trouble falling asleep, or we cant stay asleep, or both! This is something that I have experienced myself and it can be just exasperating! Some say if you cant sleep get up and do something, others say, stay in bed and read. I used to listen to sometimes 2 or 3 guided meditation cd’s a night, read endless chapters of a book, drink chamomile tea until it was coming out of my ears, and still I’d be awake! And the more I asked myself “am I feeling sleepy yet!” the more I felt awake!

Sometimes I would get up and do something (cleaning, paperwork etc) and by the time I decided to go back to bed, it was inevitably getting light, which used to make my heart sink, since I knew I was in for another day of tiredness and frustration due to my sleep deprivation. It becomes a horrid frustrating cycle! And bedtime becomes an intimidating prospect. I decided to look into this subject quite deeply, I tried and tested many practices and remedies of varying kinds. Eventually, I am ecstatically pleased to say that I effectively conquered this problem, and here are my findings…

Firstly, here are a few fundamental offerings that are so important to know. And info that I can literally witter on about to people in my shop endlessly, if someone tells me that they cant sleep.

Technology has given us connection to the worldwide web at our fingertips by way of computers, I phones, tablets etc which are more often than not, ON, 24/7. You will find them in every room, including the bedrooms, especially in children and teenagers rooms. We have cordless telephones probably by the bed and wifi that’s left on constantly.

We now know that racing pigeons struggle to find their way home these days and research has suggested that its because radiation waves from the transmitters in Britain interfere with the pigeons natural homing instincts. In the last few years since vast amounts of mobile masts have been erected, nearly half of racing pigeons become lost or don’t make it back at all. Not so long ago most of them would return home. Bees are also suffering as colonies collapse, experts looking at bees specifically say that apart from insecticides and gm crops having a devastating effect on bees, bee populations may also be vulnerable to other factors, such as the increase in atmospheric electromagnetic radiation as a result of growing numbers of mobile phones and wireless communication towers. The increased radiation given off by such devices may interfere with bees ability to navigate. A small study at Germany’s Landau University found that bees would not return to their hives when mobile phones were placed nearby.

So how does all of this affect us? Well without getting too technical, electrical equipment creates EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) which interferes with the brains sleep patterns. It can seriously keep you from not only falling asleep, but staying asleep. So definitely turn off computers, mobiles,

cordless phones and switch off your wifi on a night before bed. Make it a rule in your house; it will be an excellent habit. You might say, “well I use my phone as an alarm clock” well invest in an old fashioned alarm clock or a battery operated one, it could mean all the difference to your sleep!

After I read all about this, I had an epiphany and decided to investigate further. I actually made an appointment with someone who measures the amount of emf’s active in your home.

The results were staggering and I then understood why I wasn’t sleeping. The findings were, that my wifi was transmitting all night in the room below my bedroom, the neighbours wifi was directly in the adjacent room to my headboard and my cordless phones were directly next to my bed. To top it off, my TV was constantly on standby next to my bed. My bedroom, which is supposed to be a haven of peace and tranquillity, was an electromagnetic frequency hotspot, in fact the guy said he had never taken such a high reading on his monitor. So I began the process of working out the solution, which involved purchasing new ‘green’ cordless phones that do not transmit radiation while not in operation. Blocking the neighbours wifi intrusion through my wall, which was more of a problem, since I had to have the wall painted with emf blocking paint and papered with a specially manufactured material. Turning off my wifi completely while not in use and switching my mobile phone off on a night and making sure that the tv was also off and not on standby. This might seem like an extreme length to go to, but guess what? it worked! I had a hunch after reading all that I had on this subject. Needless to say I slept, it took a week or two to return to a normal sleep pattern.

But what bliss! after five or so years of not sleeping properly. It was transformational on many levels. You may not need to go to such lengths, but certainly I now know that EMF’s are a problem for lots of people.

Check your diet – are you consuming food and drink that interrupt your bodies natural patterns?

Alcohol, caffeine and additives after 8.00pm are really unhelpful and will very likely keep you awake. Have a cup of Chamomile tea in the evening, it gets you mind and body relaxed, or there are some really good herbal tea infusions available specifically blended for bedtime.

The brain also needs a few hours before retiring, to wind down and switch off from the flashing images on the TV and computer screen.

Doing these few things maybe all that you need to do to get a proper refreshing nights sleep. Try it! But don’t give up after a couple of nights, it may take a while for a new sleep pattern to emerge.

If your problem is a busy head and stress. You still need to factor in the above, but also take a few other steps towards de-stressing yourself. A meditation cd that takes you on a journey set to gentle music will help to stop that inner chatter, long enough for you to fall asleep…

Nelsons night rescue remedy can be quite helpful. There are also some very peaceful cd’s

of tranquil music to induce sleepiness. Sometimes a handful of skinned almonds that have been soaked in mineral or filtered water for the day and eaten an hour or so before bedtime, help to balance cortisol in the body and thus aid sleep. Or one of our little crystal sleep pouches that we put together at the shop often does the trick, very popular with mums that have sleepless babies and tots.

If you would like one please give the shop a call on 01923 852522 and we can post one out to you @ £10.95 plus postage.

I hope this info is helpful to you gaining a good nights sleep.

Sweet dreams

Dana x zzzzz



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Jeremy Clarkson

I am Eve the Astrologer with Destiny Rising. I hope to keep you up to date with what is happening in the heavens and how it is affecting all of us.

Today I am concentrating on Jeremy Clarkson from the show Top Gear, as he is in the news at this time.

It is interesting to look at someone in the public eye who is going through some sort of crisis and then look at their birth chart to get a different angle on what is going on. Jeremy is an Aries with his Moon in Libra. At this time he has Uranus and Pluto making difficult aspects to the Moon in his chart.

With Uranus you can expect sudden unexpected changes. Pluto has a powerful effect and transforms the planet it touches in a birth chart.

Jeremy split from Frances his wife who was also his agent, after 21 years of marriage in May 2014 as Pluto was squaring his Moon and Uranus was opposite his Moon. These planets are still affecting him today and for some time to come. This shows he will be going through immense changes and challenges on a personal level and when these planets move away in his chart, they will leave him in a very different place than he is now.

With these planets in aspect to his Moon in Libra (the Moon in Libra very much needs a partner to stay in balance) he could be going through a great upheaval in his emotional life. Now we can understand the emotional turmoil he is going through and what is causing him to vent his anger in his outspoken ways. Beneath the bravado he could be feeling very confused and lonely. These planets can bring up the emotions he felt as a child.

What is interesting looking at his chart, is he has a very spiritual/mystical side to him. He may be in denial, or trying to ignore it as he wants to appear as the macho man.

It is easy to see with Numerology that he is born on the 11th which is a master number. This is not an easy number to live with and he may have had a difficult childhood as he was so sensitive. The 11 is very aware and sensitive and can be very emotional and temperamental.

Also if you add up his birthday 11+ 4 + 1960 = 1975 = 22 this is his life path, another master number. With this number enormous power is available to him to produce on a significant scale, for the benefit of humanity He can be aware of the forces within him, aware also of the nervous tension that accompanies these forces. He can spend his time grappling with powers that are difficult to comprehend and use.

Many famous people have these numbers including Oprah Winfrey who was born on the 29th 2 +9 = 11 and she has a 22 life path.




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What is Love

Did you know that ‘What is Love’ was revealed as the third most popular Google search of 2014. I might have wondered myself after one particular breakup with a boyfriend, but really! are we so confused or know so little about it that we ask a search engine? It did make me smile.

Perhaps we are trying to re-evaluate the term ‘Love’ in the modern world as we call it! After all, there’s little doubt that we seem to be a nation of soul searchers in GB, I wonder what the French were Googling last year?

I have many conversations in my shop covering hundreds of topics, love is often one of them. We have women of all ages asking, is there anything they can do to help to draw love in to their lives and how they can get a boyfriend, strangely enough not so many guys, but well… a few.

The thing that I have noted is how differently the older generation regard love in comparison to younger women. I get the feeling that lots of younger women see love as a grand passion which will sweep them off of their feet and that a life without a boyfriend and LOVE is fundamentally flawed.

At this point I will don my mother crone hat and explain that grand passions are a beautiful thing, and something all consuming and wonderful to experience and, why not! But, it would seem that the older generation have come to understand that, as we age, the judgement of whether it’s ‘LOVE’ is not clouded by need, expectations or sexual longings quite so much. Of course sexual longings have certainly not gone out of the window, but our awareness of our connections with others and especially the mate in our lives is founded on many other things.

That’s why it is more than just a powerful feeling. Without the commitment of a relationship, it is mere infatuation. Without the passion, it is mere dedication. Without nurturing, even the best can wither and die eventually.

I personally think that lust is a cheeky little trick of nature, leftover from the stone age when cave dwellers had to spread their genes around to procreate and get the numbers up. Even they eventually evolved into family units and got loved up!

It is of course biologically proven that love is a powerful neurological condition, like hunger or thirst, only more permanent. We talk about love being blind or unconditional, in the sense that we have no control over it. But then, that is not so surprising since love is basically chemistry. While lust is a temporary, passionate, sexual desire involving the increased release of chemicals such as testosterone and oestrogen, where true love is concerned; the brain can release a whole set of chemicals: pheromones, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin and probably a few others. From an evolutionary view, love can be used as a survival tool, a mechanism we have evolved to promote long term relationships, mutual support and parental support of children and to promote feelings of security.

Unlike us, the ancients did not evidently lump all the various emotions that we label “love” under the one word. They had several variations, six to be precise…

  • Philia which they saw as a deep bonding, between close friends and family.
  • Ludus describes playful affection or flirting.
  • Pragma is the mature love that develops over a long period of time between long term couples and involves actively practising, commitment, compromise and understanding.
  • Agape is a more generalised love, it’s not about one to one, but about love for all of humanity.
  • Philautia is self love, which isn’t selfish, as we have come to understand, that to care and have a healthy love for others, we first need to be able to care and love the self.

Last, and probably least, the one that causes the most trouble…

  • Eros is about sexual passion and desire and unless it transcends into philia or pragma, Eros will burn itself out.

It might be unrealistic to expect love to deliver us all of the above, so that is why family, friends and community are so important to us.

For me the wholeness of life can only be found through love. When I feel love, that ecstatic feeling that is almost indescribable (unless you’re Italian) is when I experience a deep, delicious coherence and harmony, for which I can’t help but believe we were created and for which we crave.

Love expresses the desire for togetherness that is rooted in the heart. Expressing love through action and deed serves up a wholesome and fulfilling cake! whereas fluffy, romantic gestures (which are lovely, don’t get me wrong) only represent the icing on top!

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Crystals are not just some new age find that has suddenly evolved. They have been around for centuries, bringing us their gifts of healing in so many ways. Elevating the body, mind and spirit of dysfunction and sometimes disease, helping to balance and ground us, dispersing negative energies within and around us, as well as drawing in the positive, energetic aspects that we need.

How beautiful and clever they are!

They work with us in so many magikal ways – through conscious intent and amazingly, sometimes without! They can help to alleviate so many conditions, with stress being one of them.

To some scientifically minded folk, this might sound out of the ordinary or perfectly ridiculous; but you might find that mother earth has more up her sleeve than you could have imagined. So lets get scientific for a second, before you give up on our earthly treasures… I often find myself recalling this very information when speaking with people in my shop who are contemplating buying a crystal or want to know more about them.

Quartz can be found in watches, radios, weather equipment and even in early computers, not to mention Nasa’s electronics. The smoke detectors now required by law to be placed in all homes, credited with saving countless lives are an end result of a technology originally developed for Nasa’s early 1970’s Skylab spacecraft.

Quartz timing crystals, which have led to the current status quo in wristwatches and small clocks, were first developed for Nasa as a highly accurate, lightweight and durable timing device for the lunar based Apollo spacecraft.

It is said that quartz uses vibrational energies to interact with out Auras, they are conductive and contain energy waves of light. Metals like iron and copper are also electronically conductive.

You can check out all of this scientific info on the net, there is quite a lot about it.

So, lets talk about a few of my favourites…

Smokey Quartz

I often reach for Smokey quartz when people are suffering from mood swings or depression. It really helps to balance feelings of imbalance, caused by too much stress, low energy or complete burn out! It absorbs and dissolves negative energy; it really is an anchoring crystal. It not only dispels worries, it alleviates fears and helps those suffering from insomnia, another a symptom of stress and provides emotional, as well as physical support

It’s truly a calming force and a comforter for anyone dealing with life’s pressures.

It is said to block geopathic stress , electromagnetic fallout and, replaces its negative energy with positive vibration. A really great crystal for grounding you into the earth when your feeling too much in your head with endless inner chatter. It resonates with the base chakra and can cleanse and revitalise this important flow of energy.

The best way to use this crystal for stress is to hold a stone in each hand and sit quietly for a while. Carry it with you in your pocket, or if you are female, (I tell my customers to) pop it in their bra – or of course you can get a pendant to wear.

Rose Quartz

The stone of gentle love… This awesome, soft pink crystal can’t help but woo you with its gentle energy. Its known to stroke the heart of any emotional wounds. As well as bringing peacefulness and calm to the wearer, it brings the same to relationships too, hence its nickname ‘Love Stone’.

It emits a harmony to those who have been in crisis or who’s lives have become frenetic and unbalanced, smoothing this chaotic energy into order. It’s message is be gentle with yourself. It pushes away any negativity and replaces it with gentle feelings and thoughts of self love, which are very important if we have been down on ourselves. It has a rejuvenating effect on mind and body, which is just the ticket when stress has us in its clutches. Its a fantastic stress buster, but it doesn’t stop there!

It’s known as the crystal of the heart energy centre, so of course its said to be good for the correct functioning of the heart itself. It’s helpful for the lungs and bronchial area if placed on the thymus. It can also help support the adrenal glands and kidneys and is said to be a crystal that can help to draw love into your life.

Carry it, wear it, or make an elixir with it.


Amethyst is revered as the great all rounder! It’s a well respected crystal for stress as it helps your energy to feel less scattered and is said to brings balance to the immune system and hormone production. It is also said to strengthen and cleanse the organs, the blood and the circulatory system. It’s also used to help support those who have addictive natures, especially to alcohol.

Amethyst is useful in dispelling rage, fear, impatience, grief, anxiety and anger. It’s said to be a pain relief for emotional and physical pain and particularly arthritic conditions.

Amethyst is powerful when it comes to helping us transform our thoughts and feelings beyond all that consumes us. It can touch us deeply to initiate trust, allowing us to take the first steps into wholeness, leaving the fray behind.

Yes, it takes us to the edge of it’s radiant purple light to receive healing if we are ready to allow it…

Wear, carry and place it under your pillow or make an elixir with it and know that you have a caring companion by your side.