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High Priestess

The appearance of the High Priestess tarot card in a reading can signify that the time has come for you to listen to your intuition, instead of your intellect and conscious mind. The High Priestess depicts the Divine feminine as seen in the archetypes of Isis and Persephone. She is the mysterious female that urges us into the deep un-knowns of the self, nature and religion. Listening to our own intuition, opening our spirituality, delving into new spiritual work, meditation or prayer. The high priestess is unquestioning of her knowledge and power, she is aware of the mysteries of nature, she can tap into ancient knowledge, she understands the workings and connections between science, nature, religion and philosophy. So this card is calling for you to go inward and trust your intuition and psychic insights at this time. You may feel like you want to retreat from the outside world a little, to concentrate on your thoughts and quiet contemplation. You may feel that you are being connected to a higher source of information at this time, go with it!

You are at a stage of spiritual development whereby the need to reflect is strong. When you look at the high priestess card before you, you see her sitting on a cubic stone between two pillars at Solomons Temple. A letter ‘J’ carved on the right pillar stands for ‘Jachin’ the pillar of establishment and the letter carved on the left pillar stands for ‘Boaz’, pillar of strength. The High Priestess sits in the middle as the third pillar and the pathway between. Her message is that both pillars are equal and there is knowledge to be had in both worlds, she is the mediator between these worlds. She wears the crown of Isis which can mean that she believes in magic. The solar cross that she wears around her neck expresses her conviction to the four seasons of earth and four elements, it also lays upon her heart expressing that her heart is in entwined with the ways of nature. The mysteries of life is at the core of her knowledge.

The Crescent moon at her feet denotes in many to depictions of the Virgin Mary and means she has complete control of her emotions. It symbolises illumination, fertility, intuition, and psychic force. On the flip-side, the moon can also dwell in the darkness, so although the moon is generally about clarity of mind and heart, being too swayed by the power of the moon can lead to erratic behaviour.

The scroll that is closely guarded and cradled to her womb contains knowledge, that in the hands of those that have no respect or understanding for esoteric philosophy or the occult could be damaging, therefore she holds it and protects it with both hands, she understands that knowledge can be
enlightening or damaging. Some say that the scroll is the Akashi records for every soul. The high priestess is ever on guard keeping the secrets of the scrolls until we are evolved enough to receive the knowledge that she commands.

The pomegranates and palms are symbols of immortality and the veil that they are embroidered onto represent the threshold between this world and the next.

When this card appears it suggests that you need to apply your intuition and open your eyes to the real potential of your abilities. If you have a hunch or get a feeling about anything in your life don’t ignore it, the process of believing in your inner guidance is calling to you, listen to your dreams see what they are trying to tell you. The answers to questions will be better answered by you rather than somebody else.

In a work situation this card indicates change. The realisation of your talents, a job opportunity that you wanted for so long that fits your needs perfectly. But stay out of workplace politics and gossip.

If relating to relationships this card may suggest that you or your partner needs time out, one of you may be looking for a deeper meaningful life path, or searching to find their inner peace.

If this card comes up in regard to finances, it is possible that someone might not be being completely honest with you. If you are making business decisions, make sure everything checks out, and you do not go into something without fully investigating the paperwork etc.. Trust your instincts for all may not be as it appears.

Overall this card asks you to listen to your own inner voice, to delve into the deeper spiritual resources of the universe, to seek understanding for your life and purpose. To learn how to connect with your higher power and the higher powers that be.

To discover more about the power of tarot, why not try one of our online tarot readers today.  Waiting for your call 24/7.

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major arcana

So what are the Major Arcana Tarot Cards all about?
Well it’s all about the bigger picture!

This section of the Tarot cards represent the important themes that are the major influences in your life. Life lessons, karma, your souls journey to enlightenment. The Major Arcana are made up of 21 numbered cards and one unnumbered card the Fool.

The Fool

The fool is not as it sounds, about being silly or foolish, it’s about the risk factor inherent in youth, but which we can also take at any age in life. It’s about being open hearted, being fearless and not allowing the ‘what ifs’ to deter us from taking a risk. It’s about trusting yourself to take a step into the unknown depicted in the card, by the fool about to fearlessly step off of the cliff edge. It’s also about newness in general, new beginnings that have a deeper spiritual meaning in terms of your inner self. The fool is telling you that a fresh start is on the way and that could be in any area of your life. The Fool is traditionally both the first and the last card of the Major Arcana. The complete deck of the Major Arcana together comprises the fools journey through life. If you study the picture, The Fool is almost shouting  look at me, I’m cock sure of myself and my journey, I’m going to follow my heart, I have unshakable faith, even though I’m standing on the edge of a cliff. I will go forward in the knowledge that I have my little white dog to protect me and everything I need in this bundle on my shoulder to support me on this journey and the White Rose of my purist desires.” Tally Ho!

The Magician

The Magician is also known as the Magnus. It’s the first card of the Major Arcana. The Magician ymbolises fresh starts and is goal orientated, he can use his skills and initiative to accomplish his goals as well as his own ability to manifest his desires. There he is in the picture looking decisive, ready for action. He is not being reckless, he has honed his skills, self mastery, power and knowledge. Above his head is the infinity symbol of new and never ending possibilities, eternity and empowerment. With one hand up, clutching his double ended wand and the other hand down, he directs a pure channel of spiritual wisdom from above and below, he is keeping open his ability to channel two way universal energy, to be creative on the material plane. He channels energy and directs it to the physical plane. The Magician is also associated with the planet Mercury, which carries with it, skill logic and intellect. This card reminds us that we have more power available to us to change our circumstances and tap into our unlimited potential. Around his waist is the serpent also known as Uroboros, swallowing its own tail, symbolic of cycles and eternity and the power of reinvention. As a snake sheds its skin to find a new shiny one underneath, then a message to us, that we can also change and reinvent ourselves, shed our old skin and grow a new one!

The white Lilies and red Roses at the magicians feet or around the table depending on which tarot deck you’re looking at are beautiful and entwined, representing psychic integrity and human passion, a recipe for creative beauty. On the table are the four suits of the tarot deck representing the four elements.
Earth:- coins or pentacles.
Air:- swords or blades.
Fire:-wands or staffs.
Water:- cups or chalices.
The magician knows that he is the master of these tools and that he has everything he needs to live the best life available. He’s not a slave to circumstance. Be it about love, business or your career the Magician tells us that this is the time for positive change and making decisions that can make a difference.

Don’t be distracted, get on with the change in hand because now is the time the outcome will be positive.  See which of our excellent tarot readers are online and ready to take your call today.

In Joy!

Dana x

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singing bowls

The history of singing bowls is a bit of a mystery. They have been hailed as originally coming from Tibet,  but most scholars of the subject accept that they did not originate there after all.

The mixing of various metals to produce sound has been in Asia from ancient times. From around 1100 BC small metal skull shaped bowls used to produce sound were well known. Finely tuned bells were being made in China around 500 BC.  By 600 BC The study of sound and its affects was quite advanced in China and bowls were being produced made of bronze and filled with water to produce a humming sound. Bronze bowls were produced in the Himalayas centuries ago and used as begging bowls or kitchen utensils. Evidently there is no historical evidence to suggest that the bowls there were used for sound or used for religious practice. Although bells and other instruments were well known to have been used for such practices. We in the west became interested in the sound produced by these bowls much much later and they seem to have taken hold in the 60s and became part of the hippy revolution, although I am sure that there must of been small groups of spiritual people aware of them and using them prior to that. These bowls  are now produced throughout the Himalayas and India to fulfil the demands of the west.

Singing bowls were traditionally made from seven metals relating to the seven sacred planets silver (moon) Gold (sun) iron (mars) tin(Jupiter) Mercury (Mercury) lead (Saturn) copper (Venus). These metals are often in the very old singing bowls, but these days bowls are typically made of five metals excluding the gold and silver.

I’ve often seen people quite affected when they hear the sounds of a singing bowl for the first time. It’s a deeply moving resonance that touches your deep down. This sound cannot be reproduced by anything else that I can think of.

Healing sounds have been used increasingly in the west for quite some time now and it is believed that the powerful vibration that emanates from a bowl can affect the cells of the human body and bring about healing at this very deep level. It is also claimed that the harmonic frequencies of the bowls can stimulate the natural harmonic frequencies of different parts of the body.

Throughout the ages, healers, mystics and tribes people have used music, chant and vibrational sounds to achieve altered states of consciousness. Normally the brain produces Beta waves, while Alpha waves are present when the brain is in the state of calm and meditation. It is believed that the sound wave pattern produced by some singing bowls is equivalent to the Alpha waves produced in the brain. Singing bowls can induce a deep relaxation and peace and also clear negative energy that has become stagnant or blocked in not only the body, but a room or space.

At the shop we smudge every morning with sage and use the singing bowl to clear the energies from the day before (see my Ancient Art of smudging blog).

Playing a singing bowl can sometimes take a little practice, but usually after a few minutes you get the hang of it. With a few simple instructions and learning a little technique you can produce that beautiful sound. Each bowl sings out its own unique sound and vibration. To get the best sound, rest the bowl in the palm of your hand with fingers outstretched, hold the stick or mallet as you would a pen, tap the bowl on the outer rim very gently and then run the stick around the outer rim using constant pressure. Rotate your wrist as if you were stirring  a pan of porridge. After some practice you will realise that you can change the sound that you produce by altering the speed or pressure, or what part of the of the bowl you run the stick around.  Also the stick that you use will also produce a different sound. Some sticks are wooden and some are leather or felt covered. If you have a hammered bowl and your bowl rattles when you play it, slow the speed at which you are playing it and use a leather or felt covered stick, this should remedy that problem. There are also some beautiful quartz Crystal bowls available and the sound is quite incredible, you can buy them tuned to different musical notes or to resonate with the chakras. A really beautiful way to send out even further positive vibrational energy is to chant a mantra whilst you play your bowl.You will send out wonderful healing energy into yourself and into your home or space, to the planet and beyond, just as a ripple continues onwards.  A singing bowl is always going to be a wonderful worthy addition to your healing tools, but do make sure you find the sound that resonates with you personally.

In Joy!

Dana x

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castor oil packs

Castor oil packs were recommended by Edgar Casey, pronounced  (Kay-cee) for treating many ailments, even those that have resisted other therapies. It is used externally, is gentle and safe and I have found it to be a wonderful healing remedy for the past 30 years and my go-to option for all sorts of things… skin problems, soothing for joints and muscle pain, to reducing swelling after my daughter’s wisdom teeth extractions, as part of the healing regime for healing cystic ovaries, as well as menstrual cramps. My list is quite extensive and apart from all of that I find it so warm and soothing.

It can be used in chronic conditions, gallstones, scleroderma, constipation and other intestinal conditions. But remember this information is not intended to be for self diagnosis of self treatment. Please consult a qualified  health professional for diagnosis.

So who is Edgar Casey? He lived from 1877 to 1945 and has been called the sleeping prophet, the father of holistic medicine. He is the most well-documented psychic of the 20th century. Casey gave psychic readings for more than 40 years of his life to thousands of people, while in an unconscious state. He diagnosed illness, revealed past lives and predicted that yet to be. He was born in Kentucky in 1877 and was a gifted psychic from being a child. As he grew up and developed his gifts it became apparent that he wanted to help people and especially children. He would put himself into a sleep like meditative state and connect his mind with all time and space, the universal consciousness. From this space  he could answer questions that gave personal insights and advice. Although he died over 60 years ago, his advice and the material that came through in his readings are still in practice today and the material documented in the many books and information written about him. So it is that the majority of his work dealt with health and the treatment of illness. One such treatment was the healing benefit of the use of castor oil.  There is still today an association for Edgar Casey, which he himself founded in 1931. The Association for research and enlightenment A.R.E which is based in Virginia Beach USA and is open to the public daily.


How to make a castor oil pack.

You will need :-

Castor oil packing (specially made thick material)

Castor Oil

An old sheet

I large plastic sheet or a black bag

Hot water bottle or heating pad

An old thin towel or a tea towel


Firstly, purchase a good brand of castor oil, cold-pressed and organic. I like Pukka brand, but there are others available. The castor oil packing needed is especially made for this purpose. You may find it at your local health food shop. I get mine online from it’s about £12 for a large piece of packing. Use either a large plastic sheet or a black bag cut down one side to open it flat, plus an old sheet to put over the top and lay them on your bed, this is obviously to protect your bedding and pillows. Depending on how tall you are, the packing should be large enough to reach from your pelvic bone right up to your breast bone and be able to wrap just around both of your sides,  usually about 12 x 14“ should be enough. If it’s too large then cut a strip off which may be useful for other areas in the future or just folded over a little. Soak the packing with the castor oil until it’s really soaked but not dripping. You will need quite a lot the first time you use it, so buy a good sized bottle. Have the cling film, thin towel and hot pad or hot water bottle ready next to you, so that you can reach them easily.

Now lay down undressed. I like to add more oil to the skin direct as well, so slather a couple of handfuls all over your abdomen including all the areas I have mentioned, if you have problems with menstrual cramps or ovarian problems, use plenty of extra oil right down into the groin area. Now cover with the oil soaked packing cloth, cover that with a large piece of clingfilm wrapping it around both sides of your body or even all the way around if you can manage to, (this just stops oil from going everywhere) then place the thin towel or tea towel on top and now place the heated pad a hot water bottle on top. It should be comfortably hot but not so that it burns you. Rest and relax for 1 to 1 ½ hours. It can also be used overnight. Please be careful if you are using a heat pad that you do not fall asleep and leave it on and become over heated.

For general detox use and epilepsy the cloth should be placed further over the liver on the right hand side of the body.

Cautions. Heat  is not recommended with active infections, bleeding, recent injuries less than 48 hours old, or if you have excessive abdominal bloating due to gas. The packing and oil should be used without heat. Do not ever heat the packing and oil in the microwave oven.

When you have finished store the cloth in a plastic bag in the fridge until needed again. It can be used repeatedly. I usually tuck my cloth inside my hot water bottle the next time I go to use it from the fridge, so that it’s nice and warm.  Re-soak the cloth again before each use, but you won’t need as much as the first time. Replace the cloth only if it starts to smell rancid or the colour changes dramatically due to toxins being released from the body, but generally it will last for ages. For chronic conditions use the pack three days in a row, break for four days and then repeat. There seems to be some other  protocols for the use of castor oil packing, but this is the one I have always used. The others are four days on and three days off, or five days on and two days off. If all of this sounds like quite a process, don’t be put off,  once you have done it a few times it becomes much easier and the benefits far out way the faffing!

If you do manage to get castor oil on your clothing or bedding, use your normal washing liquid and some baking soda and that should remove it on a normal wash.

A castor oil full body massage is also a very healing therapy, since it is said that castor oil is white light and able to bring new blood flow and oxygen to the area. I can’t recommend anything to do with castor oil enough, it’s healing, relaxing and really does support the body’s own health fighting abilities, alone or as part of a detox program. After doing a series of packs it is also a really good time to have a colonic irrigation session.

Happy packing!

Dana x




Spring Equinox

When March begins it’s still winter and by the end of the month spring has emerged in the Spring Equinox. Hence the old proverb, ‘March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.’ However this year, March has come in more like a snarling snow leopard, we have yet to see how it will go out!

But whatever the weather, March will inevitably bring the spring equinox, days and nights of equal length.

Unlike other pagan holidays Ostara’s roots are not immersed in the Celtic traditions, but rather in Anglo-Saxon beliefs. It is derived from the fertility goddess Eostre, Germanic for the east. A goddess depicted as a young woman surrounded by light, budding trees and flowers. Symbolically her connection is with the dawn and the coming of the light. The goddess manifests as Ostara with her basket of eggs accompanied by the Hare or Rabbit, a manifestation of the God. The colour green is sacred to this Sabat and represents the coming renewal of vegetation and new life. This is the festival of new growth, when the goddess awakens the earth with fertility. There is nothing more wonderful, exciting and refreshing to the senses than the first promise of spring. Don’t we just all know when spring is in the air?

Ostara marks new beginnings and is symbolised by anything that represents fertility, eggs, seeds and bulbs etc. But it’s not just about physical planting in our gardens, it’s also metaphysical, by performing our own little rituals to start new projects or desires, including life changes, drawing in new love or pregnancy. After all it’s the rite for fire and fertility, the return of the Sun God and the fertility of the Earth Goddess, here they are reunited after the winter’s separation, this in itself a romantic celebration of their perfect union.

So this year from Tuesday March 20th 2018 we will mark the vernal equinox and depending on your traditions there are many different and lovely ways of celebrating it. In the Christian tradition, eggs are exchanged and these days I’ve noticed a trend towards Easter egg trees in the home. Painted branches adorned with colourful eggs. Wiccans and Pagans will be embracing the symbols by decorating their altars with all the colours that represent this time of year. Just look outside to see the yellow of the  daffodils, the green of the new leaves, lovely shades of purple of newly opened lilacs. So let’s get bright and colourful. You don’t have to be a practising Wiccan or Pagan to do this, it’s just a beautiful way to celebrate with nature and give thanks for all that we have and are likely to receive throughout the coming year.

Anyone can celebrate in this way by making an altar draped with pale green cloth. Add some purple flowers. Ostara is the time for balance between light and dark, so you can use any of these symbols, a God and Goddess statue, a white candle and a black one, a yin yang symbol or a sun and moon if you have one. You could also add a potted plant or seedlings, a basket of eggs, they could be plain or you could paint and decorate them in vibrant colours and even draw manifesting symbols on them. It is also something that children love to get involved with, teaching them about the turning of the cycles of the seasons, nature and Mother Earth. You can also add little figurines like rabbits, chicks and lambs, they are all bringing forth new life. It’s also a tradition to place a little milk and honey on the altar to symbolise abundance and it’s always a good gesture of thanks to make these an offering to the Earth and maybe you would like to say a prayer as you do this. You could say your own offering prayer or say something like this…

I make this offering of milk and honey to the Earth in gratitude for the many blessings that we have received and those that we shall receive in the coming year.

So as the Goddess drapes herself across the land and the Sun God returns to warm the fertile Earth ready for the seeds of new growth to be sown, I wish for you all to reap well this coming year, may your hearths, larders, health, desires and hearts be full of all that feeds and nurtures you and yours, in mind, body and soul. But never forget to be thankful and practice gratitude often, it’s the key to continuous abundance flowing towards you. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others, remember that what we sow comes back to us threefold…

In love, peace and blessings

Dana X

Max & Mitch

We were very happy to welcome Max & Mitch along to our holistic shop in Radlett for a psychic reading.  Everything is covered in their brilliant podcast. Max is abit sceptical about the world of psychic readings so what will he find out?  He is going to experience a tarot reading,  a psychic experience and a reiki treatment.

When you listen to the readings you can get a real feel for how our psychic readings work and what you can get out of them.  Whether you come into the shop or use on of our experienced online psychic readers.

You can also listen to Dana telling you all about Destiny Rising and the history of the store.

Why not take the time to listen to the podcast, find out more about us and maybe have a laugh too!

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Black Tourmaline

I am very partial to the energies of black tourmaline. At my shop Destiny Rising it’s our go to crystal for dispelling and deflecting negative energies and entities. Guarding against radiation and environmental smog. It’s great at neutralising our own negative thoughts, helping  to turn them into positive useful ones, plus sending anyone else’s negative thoughts packing!

Tourmaline is electrical by nature and can become electrically charged by rubbing or heating it. When charged in this way one end becomes positive and the other end negative, causing it to attract or repel, you can test this by experimenting with pieces of small paper or ash. This practice was well known to the Dutch tradesmen of the 1700s they used to pull ash from their clay Meerschaum tobacco pipes, they named the crystal  Aschentrekker, or ash puller.

Black tourmaline is an empowering crystal for those who live with any challenging situations, it can help to install a sense of power and self-confidence. It’s a powerful grounding stone. It also aligns the energy centres of the body and passes healing light throughout the entire body to provide a wonderful connection between earth and spirit. It can help soothe panic attacks and anxiety.  Wear this crystal when visiting hospitals, antique shops, in crowded places, when visiting people who are unwell or usually zap you energy, or anywhere where  the energy is likely to be heavy from years of illness, death, sadness or stagnancy. Use it at work when you need concentration and protection from computers and mobile phones or overbearing people.

I was doing some research on Infrared heated healing mats recently and discovered that they not only contain amethyst, but tourmaline as well. So I’m exceptionally pleased about that and not at all surprised, for all the very good reasons I have explained to you. I’ll certainly be purchasing one of those mats in the not too distant future.

It’s definitely one of our favourite crystals at Destiny Rising. I wear a piece constantly as do my staff,  readers and teachers at the shop. And if I’m not wearing it as a pendant,  it’s in my pocket. I also keep a large piece by my front door to keep the entrance of my home clear of any negative energy trying to enter. And if all of that is not enough  it’s a great help for motion sickness too.

Ancient magicians loved it and although I’m not quite ancient yet ( well not on a good day!) I love it too!

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chi kung

My name is Nicky i am a Chi Kung teacher and Shiatsu practitioner. I live in Hertfordshire with my handsome builder husband and two fun filled sons.

I love Chi Kung (Qigong).

During my nursing career in London i was stressed, tired and suffering with lung complaints so when i saw a small simple poster pinned to a telegraph pole advertising Tai chi i thought i would try it out. I arrived at a small village hall in North London stood in a grid of people and we started to move VERY slowly. It drove me
crazy! I was uncoordinated, confused, distracted and quite frankly bored! However life had set me up well to continue this new pursuit because at the front of the class stood a very gorgeous, strong, pert bottomed instructor. My tai chi journey had begun!

After 6 months of basically turning up and staring at the handsome teacher my health was on the turn around. I was calm, inspired, healthy and taking no lung medication. Now my interest in the actual energy work started and i haven’t looked back. I trained, i studied and then i trained some more.

I fell deeply in love with chi Kung, its poetic ability to unravel a person and knit them back together stronger expressing their true selves. It was pure magic to me. Chi Kung is as old as the hills themselves. Graceful moving forms, static postures, moving meditations all connect the participant to the rhythms of nature, the natural health that breathes in the soil and earth itself. Connecting us to the flight of an eagle and the power of a dragon. Discovering the change of seasons within our own bodies and energy patterns.

I know this will be my life’s work this time around, and maybe the next! I simply can’t stop my love affair with this healing art form. I love the way that you become lost in the movement and breath, letting go into grace as life flows through you.  At first it can be clumsy and clunky learning what to do, learning how to stand, learning when to breathe, when to sink, what shape to make, where to put your intention. But when all that work is in the bag you can let go into an endless flow, an ease of movement that can only be described as grace moving into form. Your spirit inhabits your body fully and shows itself.

Chi kung has the ability to save you, guide you and allow you to live to your potential as a human being.This is why i am a Chi Kung teacher and student. It allows my soul to be here in the every day.

What a great job! best wishes Nicky Wallace
To find a class, workshop or retreat look at:

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In the still dark moments of the early dawn
There lay an angel upon my garden lawn
In the stillness of the break of day
She said that she had lost her way
It was because that night I couldn’t sleep
I had gone into the garden I love to keep
Beauty and peace filled with all my happy shrubs
Fruits growing on a patio filled with tubs
She said “I’m on a mission sent from Heaven
To find the perfect garden and those at number seven
There  is no number on your gate
And next door says number eight”
I said “I know who lives in that house
A miserable old man and his disabled spouse
Their garden is filled with weeds”
The angel said “they need my loving seeds
She gave me a packet and said “Its angel dust”
We went to number seven the door covered in rust
Together we sprinkled seeds around far and wide
And like magic we were both inside
The gentle angel flew around their bed
Sprinkling angel dust around each head
I am sure I saw the old man smile
Even if it was for just a while
Back in my garden we said our goodbye’s
As I gazed into the angels eyes
The sun had come up it was the break of day
I waved her goodbye as she flew away
Last week I saw the people from number seven
She was walking..He was smiling..A gift from Heaven
“We love your garden” the old man said
“This is my wife..first time she has been out of bed”
“Our garden is such a mess
As life for us has been full of stress”
I said “I love to garden and when the weathers fine
Would you like me to help you? I have the time”
I often wonder if she really lost her way
The lovely angel I met that day
But I have no doubt that she was sent from Heaven
So I could help those folks at number seven
Written by Pattie Greenberg….member of JASH and the JPS

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guardian angel

I love the Angels, they are always on my side doing what they can to help not only me but you too.
No matter what your belief is, or where you live in the world, they are there by your side 24 hours every day.
Bless them.. They love us unconditionally…No matter what we do, where we go our angels are alongside every step of the way.

The unseen army…their weapons are unconditional love.
They try so hard to catch your attention.
Sometimes throwing symbolic bricks at you to stop you in your tracks.
You know…when you are doing too much, or worrying, stressed, eating, and drinking all the yummy…but not helpful foods that are not good for you.
Taking risks with your health, doing things you definitely know are harmful.
The Angels are talking to you through your intuition, warning you.
Believe me…they really try hard to get you to listen.

Think on this.. the earth has evolved, with Mother Nature providing for all of us.
Water, seeds, food, etc.
Alongside are the angelic ones, who help us in other ways.
Yes.. It is hard to believe in something that you cannot see.
Yet there are so many things in life that you cannot see, yet take for granted
that they are there.

Please try to give some time and thought in how you can connect to your guardian angel so that they can help you.
I have…
After all…mine has taken the trouble to nag me to write to you, on behalf of all the angels who try so hard to make contact with their human friends.
And we can never have enough loving friends, especially angelic ones who look after our well being.

Angels are pure light, energy, sometimes you may catch a fleeting glance of a small blue, or white light. That’s your angel saying “hello.”
Finding a white feather, hearing a special song when you feel sad, your favourite numbers seem to appear time and time again.
A friend or relative may ring to say they have been thinking about you.
Each one of us have something meaningful that catches our attention.
Tell your angel what yours is..then be on the lookout for your personal confirmation that the angels are listening.

Also you can make a spiritual appointment with the angels.
Maybe you need to ask them about something very important, or help with healing.
In this way they have time to come to you collectively.

You can do the same thing to cleanse your home of any negativity.
Make the appointment, on a certain day and time, they will help you clear out negative
or stale thought patterns.

Open all doors cupboards… Either chime, ring a bell, hold a candle, smudge a sage stick, there are various ways..keep it simple.
Around all the ceilings and also around each room, open spaces, cupboards etc..
Asking that all negativity be sent to the universe to be transmitted into a positive light.
Don’t forget to say “thank you.”

Some people are blessed and able to see their angelic friend and guardian.
I am fortunate in being able to paint an impression of their likeness, as have many inspired artists throughout the centuries.

Many of us race through life, unaware, not listening or paying attention to the positive and protective guidance our guardian angels give us.
All of it is for the better, and costs you nothing but your time to listen.

Next time you need a parking space…ask the angels…and be positive you will find one.

“Dear parking angel so full of grace please can help me to find a space.”
Don’t forget to say “thank you.”